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Increase the value of your home with industrial-grade pressure washing. Affinitas Pressure Washing takes personal interest in the well-being of the homes we help maintain. We’ll give all exterior surfaces of your home the VIP treatment, making them shine like the first day you moved in. Protect your investment and extend the life of your property. Pressure washing helps promote sanitation and roots out contaminants that facilitate rot and decay. 


Consult with Affinitas Pressure Washing today and we’ll work out a plan of action to maximize the potential of your home with an expert residential pressure washing in MD, DC, VA area.

Place your curb appeal at an all-time high. Your neighbors just might ask you what you did to clean the outside of your home and we’d love it if you told them about us. Affinitas Pressure Washing would love to have the responsibility of maintaining your property with high quality residential pressure washing today.

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Affinitas Pressure Washing will protect your livelihood. In this day and age people have multiple options for every service imaginable. With increased transparency that comes in tandem with websites like Yelp, businesses are held accountable more than ever for not only offering an exceptional product and service, but for keeping a clean and well-maintained establishment. We’ll help you generate more business by keeping up a sparkling appearance. Drive sales with an increased clientele who will give you glowing reviews and
generate more revenue. For reliable commercial pressure washing in MD, DC, VA areas that you’ll come to count on, Affinitas Pressure Washing is the most consistent, economic choice available.


Contact Affinitas Pressure Washing to have a conversation and devise a plan of action for the success of your business. Demand more out of your commercial pressure washing service in MD, Dc, VA areas.

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It’s virtually impossible to hide a neglected property exterior. This is true especially for driveways, sidewalks and walkways, yet these areas are commonly the most ignored and overlooked. Master the first impressions of your patrons, your guests, your colleagues and your potential clients. Take pride in the appearance of your property and be a pillar of the community. Treat your commercial and residential property like it is an extension of you. In the end, that’s exactly what it is. For top notch concrete pressure washing in MD, DC, VA, look no further than Affinitas Pressure Washing, a business that is active in our community, making it an increasingly beautiful place with each new property we give our VIP treatment to.

Call Affinitas Pressure Washing for your free consultation today. We are the industry-leading concrete pressure washing service in MD, Dc, VA. What we do looks easy, because we have it down to a science. We’ll be tough on your concrete surfaces, but we have the precision to make sure that we never damage them. We look forward to working for you!




Affinitas Pressure Washing is a committed eco-friendly pressure washing service in MD, DC, VA. We’ve been green before it was fashionable and trendy. We’ve always made a statement by never cutting corners when it comes to responsible water usage. We’ve always had a lot of pride in doing our work and staying environmentally conscious at every step of our process. We continue to cement our status as a pillar of our community, responsibly adhering to EPA federal, state and local guidelines for managing and minimizing water run off as we complete our projects. Our advanced equipment gives us the ability to vacuum, filter and recycle our wash water, making sure that no hazardous contaminants reach the storm drains. We offer both spring and fall cleaning services, property management and maintenance for commercial and residential properties. We avidly work towards a clean and green tomorrow. To avoid water mismanagement, do not try to clean exterior surfaces on your own. Trust this service to Affinitas Pressure Washing, a business that has the tools to effectively and efficiently clean your surfaces without any negative consequences. Contact Affinitas, a responsible and diligent source for eco-friendly pressure washing today!

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