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Project Manager Prior Experience:

The Project Manager shall have a minimum of 10-15 years of experience in leading teams engaged in software marketing, stakeholder management, business development, process improvement, outreach, training, requirements gathering, information sharing governance, and website design and maintenance. Change management experience with a large IT organization and system is desired. The Project Manager shall have experience working with DHS or state and local government agencies engaged in homeland security missions, fusion centers, and other DHS mission partners.

The Project Manager shall have a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification within six months of entry on duty and maintain this certification through the duration of the contract.

Project Administrator Prior Experience:

Contracting experience with a government agency preferred but not required.

For the PM and/or PA:

A successful candidate for this position will have experience in the following areas. Leading the efforts to complete the task listed below, or being the responsible person for generating the information.

  • Provide program management and coordination support necessary to produce deliverables within scope, schedule, and cost.

  • Generate correspondence, reports, and management plans for government review, acceptance and/or approval.

  • Generate Management plans including but not limited to; schedules, risk identification and mitigation for monitoring progress, achieving program objectives, or completing deliverables.

  • Generate monthly status report on project performance and activities.

  • Provide Quarterly Program Management Reviews 

  • Maintain an integrated master schedule.

  • Generate or maintain Standard Operating Procedures.


The Lead Mission Advocate shall have a minimum of 3 years of experience in supporting these functional areas: stakeholder engagement, governance and policy development, technical integration, business process improvement, and customer relationship management. There shall be a total of five Lead Mission Advocates that comprise the Contract Lead Integration team. The Contract Lead Integration Team consists of five integration leads who each represent a functional area that aligns with a Project Outreach Management function in addition to supporting Mission Advocate duties on at least a half-time basis.

These roles shall include:

  1. Stakeholder Engagement Support Lead Mission Advocate: Guides the development and execution of outreach activities and facilitates integration with communications and training personnel.

  2. Governance and Policy Development Support Lead Mission Advocate: Facilitates dialogue between governance and policy entities for HSIN engagements while working to improve process flow.

  3. Technical Solution Development Support Lead Mission Advocate: Represents HSIN Outreach in technical processes and discussions to communicate necessary information to ensure timely project delivery.

  4. CRM and Business Process Integration Support Lead Mission Advocate: Continues the implementation of CRM tools and SOPs within the HSIN Outreach team and develops the maturity and impact of business analysis in applicable functional areas as needed.

The Contract Lead Integration Team shall work collaboratively to organize the support work required of all Mission Advocates, to include their own project workload, while maintaining efficiency and innovation across functional areas.


A team of Mission Advocates will support groups of stakeholders designated by the Project Outreach Managers and in concert with the Project Manager and Lead Integration team. Each Mission Advocate should be prepared to support the work for any stakeholder or mission area as designated by the Project Outreach Managers in concert with the Contract Project Manager and Lead Integration Team. Mission Advocates are expected to support projects of varying scope and duration simultaneously while maintaining alignment with integrated business processes and program goals. This work approach shall be identified in Task order deliverables and is subject to change based on shifting program goals or mission objectives.

Each Mission Advocate shall possess demonstrable experience in one or more of the following areas:

  • Project Management

  • Strategic Communications

  • Stakeholder Engagement

  • Training

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Requirements Gathering

  • Business Process Development

Each Mission Advocate shall maintain working knowledge of the following:

  • Portal-based collaboration platforms (e.g., Microsoft SharePoint, NC4)

  • Real-time collaboration platforms (e.g., Adobe Connect, WebEx, GoToMeeting)

  • Geospatial collaboration platforms (e.g., ESRI ArcGIS, Google Earth)

  • Data exchange standards (e.g., NIEM, JIEM, GJXML)

  • Customer Relationship Platforms (e.g., Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, HELM)

  • Web-based requirements management and knowledge management platforms (e.g., JIRA, Confluence)

  • Knowledge and experience working in an information sharing environment

  • Knowledge and experience working in a customer service or stakeholder relationship management role

  • Knowledge and experience in translating customer needs to requirements and fulfilling those requirements

Mission Advocates shall possess or be prepared to develop experience in one or more homeland security mission disciplines which include, but are not limited to:

  • Law Enforcement

  • Intelligence

  • Fire and Emergency Services

  • Homeland Defense

  • Public Health

  • Emergency Management

  • Infrastructure Protection

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